A YouTube user called Drift0r claims to have a reliable source saying the next Call of Duty game will be Call of Duty: Ghosts. He claims there will be an official announcement in May. This rumor has been floating around all weekend, so how likely is it?

With Battlefield 4 already announced and building hype, we'd expect some news about this year's Call of Duty soon. However, there are a number of reasons to be skeptical about this particular rumor.

It is claimed the game will only be released on PC and next gen consoles (PlayStation 4 and next Xbox). It's hard to believe that Activision would choose to ignore current generation consoles this year, as the next gens will only be released in time for the holidays. That is a lot of potential sales to throw away.

This year's Call of Duty is being developed by Infinity Ward, who have traditionally made the 'Modern Warfare' series. It would be a huge surprise if we don't see Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. Before Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Modern Warfare 3 was the biggest release in the series to date. It's a huge brand to throw away, even if some people felt the third game wasn't up to the standards of the first two.

The name Ghost does have meaning for the Modern Warfare series though. He is an English character in Modern Warfare 2, who is betrayed and killed.

According to the rumor, Call of Duty: Ghosts will be set in the future, but for some reason weapons of today will be used. That would suggest some kind of apocalyptic scenario, which is certainly a popular theme.

Check out Drift0r's video here, and see if you believe him.

We'll follow up this rumor as soon as we know more.

[Image is from the current Call of Duty - it is not a leak of the next game!]


  • The Syndicate Project |
    The Syndicate Project

    Hey guys, Syndicate here as i am excited for this also i am going to be excited whether they keep survival mode and special ops mode. I hope infantry ward puts in some interesting Easter eggs, good guns that are all equal. Hopefully combat training could be in it also this news about ghost coming back is making me and my fans interested I will be uploading a video about what I think will be in the new MW4. See ya later guys, Syndicate out

  • Zamir |

    Is that mw4 gameplay

  • MuzzaFuzza |

    Modern Warfare was a trilogy. thats why the name will not be reused.

  • Spawnst4R |

    There isnt a chance in hell that Activision would throw away 50 million plus potential sales with a next gen only release. It is alot more likely that there will be a MW4 (type game) this November, then a new branch off series early next year for the next gen consoles.

    Even if they sold out the xbox 720 from November onwards it would still only have a 2+million playerbase by xmas. They have IW confirmed as making a CoD game, They have Neversoft Confirmed as making a CoD game , Sledgehammer are tweeting pictures of Modern Warfare type Character Models and Weapons, aand also confirmed to have a 90% working Action/Adventure game before they where asked to collaborate with IW to finish MW3, They have Raven Software making Maps and DLC and also Treyarch continuing the Black Ops series. It would make alot more financial sense to branch out into the next gen but to continue to support the current gen for at least another year.

    I would take little notice of this leak, with no real info, no source and no sense.

  • Sam |

    This is crazy

  • softonic producer |
    softonic producer

    why do we have to buy games???

  • Softonic Producer |
    Softonic Producer

    Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3,2 and also Black Ops will be Free and will be now in Full Version. However, the Upcoming game Call of Duty GHOSTS is still being made and prepared will be in 15.90$ because of its High quality and its own Full Version.

  • Danny |

    Free? and games come out at 60$ where do you find new games for 15.90? id like to check that store out

  • Fuckmaster |

    Fuckern hell this is awesome

  • Renè |

    Get so

  • lauvries mcneal |
    lauvries mcneal

    i like and it's fun and you can shoot other people

  • rasamshadow |

    when the mw4 coming i will pay 8000000$ for buy that :)

  • paul |

    wow very wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww im gona pay for that 1 hundred

  • DanMan |

    Considering how long ago this video was and how insanely correct his informant has been, it should be MW4. MW was meant to be a trilogy so of course they changed the name - it makes sense. In replacement of spec ops and survival it can't be zombies. Treyarch "owns" it. If anything IF and Activision will make something else to compete with zombies to try to 1 up Treyarch since survival mode just didn't quite work. We're looking at Dinosaurs as being the most likely replacement. Aliens wouldn't quite work because zombies fans hated the enemy shooting back in MW3 survival.

  • JUAN |


  • crazy |

    crazy game

  • gujjar |


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