Since Microsoft announced that Windows Live Messenger users would have to move to Skype, we've been receiving lots of comments from you.

It's clear that Skype and Messenger share some features, but are also very different. Skype is primarily designed for voice and video calls, whereas Windows Live Messenger works best as a chat app. Even though Skype has some features Messenger doesn't, it also doesn't replace all the features of Messenger.

We contacted Skype for comment about your most 5 common complaints. You can read their responses, and our advice below.

How can I access my Hotmail through Skype? It was really easy through Messenger.

Many people are upset that when you're signed into Skype, you don't get email alerts. Even if you're signed in with your Microsoft account, there's no button or link in Skype that opens your email. This isn't news to Skype users, but Hotmail and Messenger have always been tightly linked.

Skype responded, 'we believe users will gain new functionality by using Skype... such as editing instant messages, conversation history and more.'

Currently you can't get email alerts, or check your mail from Skype. But if enough people ask for it, they may add this in the future.

In Messenger I can appear offline, but in Skype you're online to everyone and that's it.

In this case, Skype is just different. You can appear 'invisible' in Skype, which is just the same. When you're invisible you can still initiate and continue conversations with anyone you want.

Skype doesn't support 3rd party apps like Pidgin or Trillian

Apps that let you sign in to multiple chat apps are pretty popular, but Skype doesn't allow for this. These users will now need to use an additional app. Skype did not respond to this point, and it currently seems unlikely that they will open up to third party apps. So, whether it's eBuddy, Trillian, Yoono or any other third party app, you won't be able to use them for Messenger any more.

Instant messaging is not as easy

Skype was never primarily about instant messaging, and it's simply not as well designed for multiple chats as more dedicated apps are. There's no tabbed conversations, and the space in the interface is optimized for video calls.

Skype as a desktop instant messenger app simply isn't very good. It's possible that the switchover delay, until April 8th, will mean Skype can update with more of Messenger's useful chat features.

I get plagued with unsolicited contact requests, which I continually have to block

Skype say, 'you can manage your privacy settings by selecting Skype then privacy. In this menu you will be able to manage whether people outside your contact list can contact you using IM, video or calling.

So, you can block who talks to you, but not who sends you a contact request. Click on Skype, then Privacy, and then Show advanced options, and make sure your privacy settings are correct for you.

Skype's contact directory means that you will be discoverable to other people, but you always have the option to turn down contact requests. Your profile details are not visible to anyone unless you accept them as a contact.

The decision to shut down Windows Live Messenger in favor of Skype is controversial, and so far neither Microsoft nor Skype have done enough to satisfy users concerns.

Skype says, 'We regularly monitor... feedback and make adjustments in the product continually based on it.' We hope this is not an empty promise, and that complaints from Windows Live Messenger users are heard.


  • Hotmailer since 1999! |
    Hotmailer since 1999!

    There is no notification of incoming emails - MS made Messenger WORSE by force-merging with Skype. Newsflash to MS - I can make all the calls I want using my mobile, or regular phone or the camera on my mobile, etc.

    But and however - the most basic BASIC BASIC function of an email program is to notify you when there is an incoming email.

    They're idiots.

  • Jon Neeley |
    Jon Neeley

    Ive been using hotmail and a version of messenger since the 90's, the main reason i have messenger is to notify me of emails, skype doesnt do this. It is also a massive load on my poor netbook and its virtually unusable while the main window is open. Microsofts migration from a lightweight email/chat program to a bloated video program with a little bit of chat support is stupid.

  • kaji parajuli |
    kaji parajuli

    skype web driver not working so do you have any solution plasa

  • Mark Wiley |
    Mark Wiley

    Yep, thats our MSN for ya. First they yanked the chat rooms, then the comm's.now live messenger. I agree with the others here, i use it for email alerts, and it's easier to use rather then skype, which s*cks anyway. My cone don't have a web cam and i have no plans on getting one. You need at least 4 gigs of ram just to run win 7 and skype.....my comp only has 3, but it's enough for what i use it for. So, in my opinion...if MSN is basically 'forcing' people to switch to skype, then they should give people special deals on either upgrading their old comp, or leaving messenger alone and let the 'people' decide what they want to use

  • Norma Gonzales |
    Norma Gonzales

    Why I can't open my Skype account...in Samsung netbook...I had already my accounts... pls..reopen my password I don't want to change..Tnxs...


    Used Messenger and was happy with it. But Microsoft does not want happy people they want control. As for Skype ? I can not use words to correctly describe it on this page. But We are now using ICQ as Skype is just wrong.

  • Su |

    Ever since I allowed this move, I constantly get people other than my contacts, bugging me to accept them! The last time this happened, several years ago, I had some young girl wanting to take her clothes off for me! I don't like this! And, YES, I have altered my settings, several times, to avoid getting these requests from anyone other than my contacts! Bah! Skype s*cks and it doesn't look like they give a rats patootie that people think so. Even the responses to this Q & A are not satisfactory!

  • Fran |

    I can not get a Canadian on line number. Also my son who lives in New Zealand dose not have to pay for this service it is free there and other parts of the world. Why do we have to pay? Can Skype not come to an agreement with our providers in Canada to get us free service to. The other thing what if you do not have a cell. What number can you use. There is no option to use a land line. And I also know that there is so many hidden fees with cell phones, I wonder if it would cost more to add your cell phone. Would there be a hidden cost to do this? My provider is Bell.

  • rogerred |

    I don't under stand all I need to no about this skype thing . Please be more informative thanks Roger

  • Sharon Schreiner |
    Sharon Schreiner

    I agree with Mark... I was using Messenger to keep in touch with friends and family and now I have a problem with that.. I also had hotmail and now I have a problem with that too.. I have facebook but I don't like the chat on it... My facebook and messenger were connected which I liked using.. I have also been contacted by people and others I don't want to talk with... Why can't you leave things alone that are not broken...

  • Janette M |
    Janette M

    This forcing of SKYPE on us is just wrong..not everyone wants to use skype. As for me I prefer windows messenger for a couple of reasons, the first one being able to share files etc on messenger but not skype...that is how I share pics with my friends because I don't like doing it on a public forum such as facebook. I may go back to ICQ as well.



  • softecheuro |

    It reminds me of the old times, when some people still wanted to use the floppy disk, rather than the cd. The same here with Msn & Skype ;-)

  • keri |

    my big sister says that is cool thats true because u can call anyone anywhere

  • cyndi |

    How is this FREE. I had to pay $9.99

  • hamid edriss |
    hamid edriss

    skype do not work in my phone nokia c5.00

  • Hakim |

    please send some of deffernt soft for example skype GIS & etc

  • ken |

    The skype for me is big sheet i have ever seen. Does anyone knows any better messsenger ? What about google ? Do they have anything ?

  • Milton Flindall |
    Milton Flindall

    i updated to skype and for a few days everything was fine. but then one day i tried to contact my friend and messages didn't go through. it showed on my end that she was offline, but ehn i called her to se why, she replied that in fact she was online but that to her it appeared that i was offline. to try to correct this problem i uninstalled skype and reinstalled it, but in the registration process i was not permitted to use my bell email address, or my windows live email address, was told they were reserved platforms or some such thing. i count find no means to contact tech help and so have uninstalled the program for good this time.

  • Ann |

    I do not like skype at all, msn messenger is superior by far. Msn messenger has so many nice features. It would have been nice if there could have been a vote on which to use skype or msn messenger. I cannot even get skype on my blackberry so it is useless to me. I have used msn messenger for over 12 years, I can say I am very disappointed and sad that msn messenger is being retired. Always the same when you really like something they take it away from you.

  • marijan |


  • Shkelqim |

    As for me, I allways liked skype more than MSN, :D

  • Muhammad Hamayun |
    Muhammad Hamayun

    wish you happy good night

  • richard.donu |

    i want skype

  • Eligi |

    i want skype dowload leuser

  • Toby |

    Thios change has impacted all the services I used to use. The latest skype is bugged and broken. MSN no longer works and can't go back. Yahoo has been affected and has started tinkering with their messenger.

    For god's sake, Microsoft. When something is popular, and it's not broken, DON'T FIX IT!

  • Gath |

    Sorry Windows, you've lost me. I'm really, really going to miss MSN, it was a great chat client, and I feel that Microsoft is making a huge mistake by forcing the switch on us. Skype s*cks as a chat client. I did my research and am transferring over to Pidgin, and have been teaching my contacts about the ins-and-outs of it, because they're all of the same opinion. I really hope that Microsoft does something about this popular dissent, because few MSN users wish to switch. More MSN features in Skype, maybe? I did love that you could appear offline to certain people as well.

  • mad as hell. |
    mad as hell.

    I DONT WANT THIS CR*P!? how can I prevent from being forced into this cr*p!? UGH. I'm gonna miss windows, f*ck skype. I wont be 'going to it' i had it once I HATED IT. if i wanted it i woulda had it a long time ago someone point me to the right place to complain! -.-; I don't like trilian or all these others hope someone hacks them takes the program and runs MSN themselves. scr*w Microsoft.

  • DIDIK |


  • tr |


  • comrider |

    There is old school and new school users. I for one are old school. Keep it simple.It's unlikely they will change or go back. They will cater to the next generation and have no problem leaving the older generation behind. They simply don't care. After all it's about the dollar. I for one will just go somewhere else. Eventually I'll be forced to accept the new generation way. For now I'll simply move on somewhere else till I shut down my computer for the last time. It's a good thing we can still voice our complaints but more importantly we have the freedom to move on and shop around.

  • Ron Wilkins |
    Ron Wilkins

    since losing messenger to skype i have switched to outlook for my email which is free from microsoft i did not lose all my contacts like i did when i downloaded skype i have not and will not use skype please bring back messenger

  • Cat |

    msn is really good except i cant find the one that i downloaded onto my other computer

  • Leor |

    Instead of complain why you don't switch to aMSN or Pidgin? Just because Windows Live Messenger will be descontinued that doesn't mean you can no longer login from your accounts using any other program that still give e-mail notifications.

  • Gage Smith |
    Gage Smith

    I've only ever used Skype- not Messenger. Though I use Hotmail, I don't fund it a problem to open up Google Chrome, and go to live.com. I prefer Skype, though that may be the Gamer in me talking.

  • George |

    I share the annoyance of other users. And the replies in this article from Skype are ignorant. I've seen months of messages from Live Messenger users stating which key features are most lacking in Skype. And yet no replies and nothing done in the program to address it. Simply put, I am not staying with Skype. I've spent the last few days using it as a chat client and find the lack of features a constant pain in the *. Just a few simple things that needed to be incorporated from the Messenger service so migrated users weren't put out. The arrogance in thinking we'd stick with something completely different just because it's owned by the same company. I'm off to pidgin like so many others thanks.

  • Disgruntled |

    bring back wlm!! why can't i use my custom emoticons?! why didn't they do a better job of amalgamating the 2 products before forcing all users to change over?

    can someone make a replacement for wlm that can use the old emoticons?

  • Keith |

    junk absolute junk. i might just start buying apple. between Microsoft and ms/Skype it's a wounder the still make money. had my hotmail account for 15 years. tomorrow GONE.

  • Deb |

    Skype is the worst program I've ever used. You can't see your contacts, the layout doesn't make sense, the whole thing is terrible (I would love to use a few other words). Microsoft s*cks.

  • Dany |

    I love Skype, for calls, video call even as a messenger but face it i would never put my Msn contacts on skype, first off because there's no way to organize my Msn/Live contacts on skype, i can't create categories on skype (friends, college friends, university friends, game friends, etc...), i tried finding that certain function on Skype but i've never found one, sure you can create groups but then you message the whole group. Second of all, i used Msn to separate people i've known throughout the world from my family and close friends i keep on skype. Now i'm forced to have both on Skype which is annoying because i don't particularly want to call or get called so easily by the people i get to know randomly. Third, on Msn i've been nagged for years on end by random people on the net either trying to find their next babe they wanna do or ads for cam porn, which being on Msn messenger was maybe annoying but at least it stayed there and on skype i'm free of that being mixed with my family and close friends. Now that Msn is mixed to Skype, what's going to happen? No way am i going to let some *** worm their way into my Skype contact list. Fourth, there's no mail notification or even a mail account button for our Live email accounts on Skype. If all this isn't resolved i'll quit Msn entirely and I'd rather lose all my contacts from msn forever rather than put up with all this.

  • Alice |

    SKYPE beyond negative comments, give me back my MSN. U forced me back to line land Phoning & Letter writing Why, Why, Why I want my Morning Family Contacts Set it back up for me!!!

  • David |

    Skype say you can recieve IM's when in invisible mode. Well you can't on my vista laptop. Buggy program and looking for an alternative here.

  • James |

    I won't use Skype ever. I looked at it when Live Messenger told me to 'upgrade' to Skype. Used it for about five minutes, then uninstalled it. Looked around the net, found a Live Messenger revival program. Low and behold, it works again. At least for the time being. Until Skype has the same features that Live Messenger has, then there will be many who will do the same. If you want us to 'embrace Skype' as you put it, then simply alter it to include the features we all want. If your programmers aren't up to that simple task, then maybe you should contact me.

  • tink1027 |

    why can i not leave off lines....i used to be able to leave them and get replies when i was off line....now it doesnt work all i get is this little wheel turning and turning and turning next to the time that the message was sent....i have messages still doing that since October 15th/2013.....can this be fixed or is there no more such thing as leaving an off line....i have family who live in Europe and our times are different so we cant live chat....thats why we leave off lines....please fix this.....thank you

  • StrayPup |

    The newest version of Skype is constantly freezing and "not responding". This happens a lot before the ads switch. Typical Microsoft. O_o

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