Google is on fire: in just a few days they've launched their own social network Google+, announced the rebranding of Picasa and Blogger to Google Photos and Google Blogs respectively, and slightly redesigned a few of of their online services (such as search and calendar). The new design will presumably be slowly rolled out to all Google services in the near future, but you can have a sneak peek - at least in Gmail:

To preview Gmail's new look you have to click the gear icon on the top right corner and select the Mail settings option.

Then click the Themes tab and browse down to the bottom of the page. You'll see two Preview themes: standard and dense.  The first one uses the same space between text lines that Gmail has been using up to now, while the second one leaves more space between lines and makes it all cleaner.

Whatever theme you pick, Gmail will immediately apply the new design. This is how my inbox looked with the standard Preview theme:


  • GeorgeIbiza |

    Hi Elenor, Thanks for the tip...I tried both and settled for the 'dense' version. It has given my Gmail page a good spring clean and I am delighted with the new fresh look. It is only spoiled by the 'Black Strip of Death' on the toolbar. Is there any way to convince Google that it is unnecessary. Best regards, GeorgeIbiza

  • aceukservices |

    I have numerous accounts for my organisation and use Gmail for all but my personal and love the feel of the new design, especially as l can link it to my social profiles an example is here for people to take a look at building one, see link at bottom of post. Also everyone should make their account https by default and protect their mail under use unicode{UTF-8}for all outgoing messages[You can find it in General under account settings in dashboard, just click settings for gmail and it will load page.

    Does anyone use multiple in boxes l have 4 associates and l added their email details to a box and when l send them a reply or forward an article is shows up as mail sent and can be filtered so all replies are brought back from the archive?

    Need to know more my profiles are https;//profiles.google.com/111575233029092330791 or email me.


  • pebarefoot |

    How can I go back to the "old" gmail look? I hate the new dense look! It is far less "dense" than before!

  • micklebark |

    What's the story with sent or received emails that contain embedded images? Quite often emails with pictures that need to be scrolled down to view contain no images? Why is that and how can the problem be corrected?

  • Leonard Anderson |
    Leonard Anderson

    I use Opera on a Mac and the words like archive ... have disappeared. It is unusable. They must leave the option to stick with the current look or I will have to migrate off gmail.

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