Opera has announced the release of Opera Next 15, available for Windows and Mac. Despite not mentioning it in its blog post, the biggest news is the abandonment of the rendering engine Presto, in favor of WebKit, the engine of Chrome and Safari.

For better or worse, Opera Next 15 now looks closer to Chrome than ever before. There's a unified search and address bar, which is quickly becoming the standard among browsers. There are also new configuration options. The Opera Mail client has been split off from the desktop browser, and can now be downloaded as a standalone app, again for Windows or Mac.

The move to WebKit will be short-lived, as shortly after Opera announced the change, Google itself announced the development of its own web browser engine Blink. This will be used in future versions of Chrome and Opera too.

Opera Next 15 has some other improvements. Speed Dial has been cleaned up, and now looks much brighter. There is a new feature called Stash, where you can store pages temporarily. Opera describes this as a 'back pocket for your browser.' Discover is like an Opera home page delivering curated content from a single place, with 13 categories and 30 languages.

Download Opera Next for Windows or Mac. [Source: Opera Blog]


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  • Tom |

    They may have included some new configuration options but they left out a a whole MORE and most of what they left out is basic stuff that users have come to take for granted.

    Bugs are to expected in a beta release but wholesale chopping of features most users had come to take for granted is not. No bookmarks bar which requires extra clicks to use Speed Dial for navigation, no preferences menu in tools, no way to set tab behavior, no ready way to add Chrome extensions... even though many of them will work if you go through a cumbersome manual addition process... which will require a massive amount of wheel reinventing down the road. Numerous other deletions and omissions that result in a browser most expected to be Chrome PLUS turning out to be Chrome MINUS. Definitely not cool.

    At this point, Next will do NOTHING Chrome won't do and it won't do a lot of things Chrome will. Unless you're like me and simply like tinkering and trying to get things to work that should have worked right out of the box even in a beta release, you probably need to stick with Chrome, at least for now.

  • Jatin Jangir |
    Jatin Jangir

    opera is best

  • assssssss |

    it,s ok

  • Rafael |

    It isn't WebKit it's Blink-based!

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