Windows 8 logo freeWindows 8 hasn't released yet but that hasn't stopped Microsoft from allowing students, staff, and faculty to download Windows 8 Professional for free. The final version of Windows 8 will ship on October 26th, but it doesn't look like Microsoft is going to implement any major changes to the operating system before then.

Microsoft released a full 90 day evaluation copy of Windows 8 Enterprise, which is technically the release to manufacturer (RTM), also known as the final version that's being shipped out. Windows 8 is finished and now students, staff, and faculty members have an exclusive opportunity to download Windows 8 Professional completely free from Microsoft's Dreamspark website, which is a website developed to provide Microsoft software to students and educators for no charge.

If your university is part of the Dreamspark Premium program, here's how you can download Windows 8 Pro for free.

The first thing you want to do is head over to the Dreamspark website. From there, you can read up about how Dreamspark works. On the right, you will see a link to create an account. If you already have an account, you can simply sign in.

dreamspark.com create account

To create your account, enter your university email address and search for your school. You are required to have a .edu address in order to proceed. There are also options to enter an Activaction Code or ISIC card number.

create dreamspark account

Once you've registered and logged in, click on this link, which takes you to the Dreamspark webstore where you can download Windows 8 Professional for free. All you have to do is start the download and wait!

free windows 8 professional dreamspark

Windows 8 Professional is quite a massive download so it could take a while for it to download. Unfortunately there's no way to request a physical disc to be sent in mail, for those with slow connections.

Be sure to check out our handy Windows 8 guides to get familiar with the new operating system!


  • lol |

    You missed the part where the Dreamspark Store is an entirely different login given out by your University

  • not working |
    not working

    Doesnt work. Dreamspark Store wants a username.

  • student |

    it says windows 8 is totally free for students but in our county microsoft is selling windows 8 for Rs, 150. is that legal?

  • Abeer |

    I went to the Dreamspark Store there is no windows 8.

  • x |

    It's there. You need to be a technology student, and provided a valid dreamspark login. A lot of times, it's a different link. Google your university and dreamspark to see what comes up.

  • Spencer |

    It Works! you must be attending a university that has a dreamspark account and you have to set up an account for yourself, but it does work. also the license lasts for two years. the windows 8 download is not advertised and i couldn't seem to find it by searching their website, but after i created an account and clicked on his link i was able to download it.

  • d |

    Bogus. Do not login. They're trying to steal your login.

  • user |

    This only applies if your university/college has applied for an institutional Dreamspark Premium program and has provided you with an ID to carry out some specific downloads (such as OS downloads as is the case here). If you are just a regular student who got himself/herself verified as a student through the Dreamspark website, and if your university has not participated in the Dreamspark Premium program, you will only be able to download Visual Studio and tools alike, not a full OS as Windows 8

  • young |

    Ah. Too bad I graduated. I had through the old version of this site (MSDNAA) a 32 bit and 64 bit version of every operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7 and server 2008. No fear tho, with my .edu email, I should be able to get the $39.99 student copy of Windows 8 pro from them

  • student |

    What is good about Win8?

    Does all applications incl 3rd party works with it?

  • swapnil |

    hey guys this need dreame spark account + institute email ID , if you have then and only then you can download it otherwise forget it.

  • Mj |

    For this to work you need a dreamspark account which is verified, your university has to be subscribed to dreamspark premium and you have to have a uni Login and Password which corresponds with the the faculty you attend which is valid to download dreamspark. These faculties are usually mathematics, science, art and technology. Hope this helps!

  • raghbendra kumar patel |
    raghbendra kumar patel

    hi i have my verified student account in dreamsparka.com. by this how can i download windows 8 pro in free

  • Ritchie county middle school student branden |
    Ritchie county middle school student branden

    o my god it said it was for students and you have to be in a collage to get it why dont they give all schools windows 8 or give students in dier need for microsoft office with acsses and i am failing in school because i cannot aford that kind of money i guess i am going to be another person not getting a job like medical or computer tech because i dont have good grades on my record

  • KC |

    Wow. Totally shoddy journalism. The Dreamspark program which anyone with an .edu address can sign up for and the webstore with the Windows 8 download aren't even related. 95% of institutions don't have a DreamSpark Premium account for their students so this is worthless and a waste of time. Good game, Louis Leong. You might want to think about getting into a new line of work.

  • Lewis Leong |
    Lewis Leong

    I specifically mention that your university has to be taking part in Microsoft's Dreamspark program in order to get Windows 8 for free. Also, if you're going to insult someone online, the least you could do is spell his or her name correctly.

  • ievgen |

    Many thanks to you for this article! I was happy enough to be a student of the university who owns a premium account. A just entered "dreamspark"+nameOfMyUniversity and i was redirected to some Dreamspark page where i chose win 8 to download, and then I got an authentification window from my university. After entering my password, I was able to download win 8 for free. First time in my life I will be using windows legally)))

  • S D JAGLAL |


  • Ty Mock |
    Ty Mock

    These are hilarious, this thread deserves it's on facebook page... I've seen some packages avail for under seventy for staff of schools. Do you have any idea if that is subjected to the same exclusive with DreamSpark.

  • harry gibbons |
    harry gibbons

    cool window i new

  • gurjant singh |
    gurjant singh

    very high and coll window 8

  • suraj |

    my brother is inschool can he make a account

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