Iconical is an app that will let you change and edit app icons on your iOS device. As unlikely as it sounds, the developers have found a way to do this without requiring you to jailbreak your device. It will be released on the App Store on August 6th 2013.

If you want to change an icon on iOS, Iconical will let you draw a new one, or download an image from the web to use instead. It will also allow you to use your own photos as icons, and upload your creations to the cloud for other users to use.

According to the developers, Iconical supports over 14,000 apps, and will tell you which of your apps are supported on installation. As well as changing app icons, you'll be able to add 'additional action' icons for some 200 supported apps, including things like an icon to call a specific contact.

Iconical's website shows off exactly how you'll be able to change your iOS homescreen with homemade icons. It does seem like exactly the kind of customization that Steve Jobs would have railed against in the carefully created iOS eco-system, and we have to wonder whether Iconical will still work by the release of iOS 7 later this year.

[Source: Razorianfly]


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