A site called 'Rockstarannouncement.com' which is counting down to a GTA V announcement on October the 1st, is almost certainly a fake. Forum users at se7ensins.com checked the site's source code there are lots of reasons to be skeptical about the site.

The page's code reveals the countdown is to a GTA V for PC release date announcement - and that the date would be November 15th. We don't believe that could be true. The site also does not link to the official Rockstar site, and features support links to a company called Adixy, well known for selling YouTube views, Twitter followers and Facebook likes. This is not the kind of thing Rockstar would link to, and is a strong indicator this is a scam.

Beyond that, aside from the joke sites like Epsilon Program and Lifeinvader, Rockstar announcements have always been kept on their official site, not separate ones. Click here to visit the Epsilon program and here for Lifeinvader. Beyond that, the site's images are pretty low quality, not in keeping with the multi-million dollar business that is Rockstar.

While we are still expecting GTA V to come out for PC, it has not been officially announced, and previous games in the series arrived six to eight months after the console versions. PC gamers are advised to sit tight and be patient, and not be taken in by scam websites.


[Source: se7ensins.com, rockstarannouncement.com]


  • Joey |

    Thanks for the info.

  • D.O.T.A.S |

    I have Xbox360 But Pc version is better . Plz give us The pc version

  • D.O.T.A.S |

    TNX FOR THE INFO.GTA V Is The Best game

  • mercenery |

    Don`t you dare! How Screwed this site this!......... Nope! A joke! I knew this ain`t goin` to be true!///////// Come on ! Let`s be serious to this stuff!//////// It was clear!///// Don`t you visit that R* f@$#* website?! We have to wait till then! Ne calm guys!

  • SteRil |

    Chill the F out show respect u critizese for not announce on pc maybe they will maybe they'll not in any case to creata a game is hard if u think u will do better your welcome to try but i doubt u will make it to make GTA 1 ....so if u don't know how games are created stand down and quit bitching

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