Did you love finding your friends to play with in Dark Souls? That's very unlikely to happen in Dark Souls 2 according to Namco Bandai's Chief of Overseas Production Takeshi Miyazoe who we spoke to at Gamescom.

While it was not easy to find your friends to help you fight the toughest bosses in Dark Souls, it was possible. This will be even tougher in the upcoming Dark Souls 2 says Takeshi. He confirmed that it was not the intention to let players join up with friends, saying 'this is not what we want.'

While you can build a party of players to progress through the most challenging parts of Dark Souls 2, don't count on them being familiar faces. Dark Souls 2 is designed to be played with strangers, to enhance the unpredictable and cold nature of the game. Other players will again be able to intrude again, breaking into your game for player versus player combat.

It looks like you don't have to fear that this sequel will water down the brutal difficulty of its predecessor. A closed beta will begin on October 5th. You will be able to find out more on the Dark Souls 2 Facebook page from September 5th.

Dark Souls 2 will be out on March 14th 2014 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


  • Nick |

    ...well that's kind of lame if it's true. I mean I like the playing with strangers thing, but I should be able to easily link up with a friend of mine. What if I want to troll him by invading over and over? What if he needs help at a specific point and all the strangers he summons are just fooling around?

  • Zik |

    While the news is frustrating, I'm fairly sure that they will end up caving on this pretty quickly. Unless they have a plan to allow strangers to communicate as they learn a boss fight together, the concept seems completely pointless and will likely result in bad PR more than anything.

  • Abyss Lord |
    Abyss Lord

    They'll change their minds soon enough...

  • TheMultiEnabled |

    I don't like this change. I think that you should only be able to summon one phantom, but this phantom should be whoever you want it to be whether it be a stranger or someone you know. After completing the game for the first time i went through it again with a friend of mine and we had a very fun experience together. I understand the intention, but i think that it is only going to limit the game in terms of online interactivity. What if i want to set up a tournament? I can't do that anymore? Please reconsider.

  • Ging |

    I'm glad to see this, the Souls series is centered around braving the unknown, having friends with you while playing it just doesn't seem right unless it's a second playthrough

  • Joyeuse |

    Being carried through the game by a friend who only meant well was pretty common in my experience, this is good news. I just hope there's still ways to fight friends. like in Demon's and Dark.

  • TimeTravelingNinja |

    To people opposed to this turn of events... How often do you even play Dark Souls with friends anyway?

  • Anonimo |

    Players will find a way around it, especially on PC, but I'm glad that they're keeping the nature of the game intact.

  • Mike |

    The co-op system was already broken, now you are just making it worse.

  • fuckfromsoft |

    Not buying. They lost a lifelong customer.

  • caramel_cod |

    Great! Forget the whiners, there are tons of options for good co-op games with friends. Dark Souls is meant to be difficult and lonely, not a bro fest.

  • Sam |

    neither was the first one, and that was great


  • Dassie |

    How they make the article look: "You will be unable to join a session with a friend of yours" In reality: "There is no 'Join Co-op adventure with your friends!' option in the menu"

  • Zero |

    Are you guys serious? Seriously!? You're going to say "screw dark souls, you lost a customer" because they don't allow co-op with a friend? Do you realize that they didn't allow it in any of their previous games? You had to get lucky to find your friends' summon signs on the Xbox or PS3. Chat was completely prohibited between you two aside from the ingame gestures. There was a PC hack that removed this restriction. This game isn't about co-op with a friend and it never will be. You guys just always love to find something to target and complain about. If the lack of co-op is going to cause you to not get this (and again, it was never supported in the previous games), then by all means, that's 1 less scrub playing.

  • lolcrybabies |

    @Abyss Lord Why would they change their minds now after two games of doing the same thing?

  • ReijMan |

    I am very disappointed. I want to spend my time playing with friends, not with strangers.

  • Sig |

    I'm hoping that the article is just putting an overly pessimistic spin on what they are actually saying. The fact of the matter is, when it comes to multiplayer games, there is always going to be two sides. Dark Souls is by no means an exception. True, it's not meant to be the kind of game where you get a large group of friends together and just kill every boss without breaking a sweat, so I understand where some of the supporters are coming from. The difference is, the existence of a stronger co-op system isn't going to directly impact your play style. You could continue playing without friends either way. But it WOULD affect those that enjoy playing with friends. That's what this is about: options. The existence of a strong co-op system wouldn't hurt people who don't use it, but the lack of it would hurt those that co-op enjoyable. Rather than forcing one situation or the other on both parties, a game should work for both styles. Allowing a stable co-op system (with some rules in place) would let those that enjoy co-op play they way they want, without affecting those that choose not to employ it. One side shouldn't force the other to adhere to their ideas simply because they believe a what a game is or isn't about.

  • ME YOU and HIM |
    ME YOU and HIM

    In dark souls 2 WE need A matchmaking system for people to easily join any coop game around the world. In the first playtrough you should be able to join players that are in the same area boss or previous ones and you should be able join in newgame+ anyones game if they are like 10+ or 10- levels.

  • Brolaire |

    I'm okay with this.

    I feel bad for those that relied on this to beat the game, and form their three-man gank squads.

  • NotNowImTired |

    I feel bad for all these people who say this is good just because they don't have any friends to play this with.

  • Emraluces |

    This is fantastic! Anyone who thinks otherwise, pound this word into your brains... "Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely"!!!!

    That is what the developers want to make. A "Lonely" gut wrenching adventure. If you wan't to play video games with your friends, go play COD.

    If you're put off by this co-op news, then you're not now, nor have you ever been, a 'real' Dark Souls fan, as die hard fans know exactly who this game is built for and what the developers are trying to say with it.

  • Emraluces |

    This is incredible...

    "They just want this game to fail before its even out. WE WANT FRIENDS IN CO OP. First they mess up the pvp system and take out toggle escape then reduce back stabs to garbage and destroyed parries NOW THIS!? Does any developer know wtf they're doing anymore... damn... LISTEN TO YOUR FANS" - TheOneThatReallyCounts

    Listen to your fans???? Who the hell do you think you are??? Here's how this works. You listen to the developers! You'll play the game they want you to play or nothing at all. You don't have a say. The developers quite obviously don't wan't you to play the game you want to play so why don't you do everyone a favor and NOT buy DkSII. Dont buy it, don't play it, just play COD. And leave the real games to the real gamers.

  • Evil Nick |
    Evil Nick

    I read elsehwere that summons are timed as well so your phantom cant even complete a board with you, they are there for a limited time. NOTHING like having a phantom leave during a boss fight.

    I honestly have ZERO desire for this until 1) its like 15$ USED 2) they rectify this with patches after all the bad press

    This will be worse than Dark Souls online and stricly be who can glitch, lag and cheat the best

  • Older fan |
    Older fan

    I've played both demon souls and dark souls, loved them both. But on second run in dark I spent much time trying to get coop with friends, and to be honest. It was alot more fun than the first run alone. I really hope they reconsider and makes it easier to join with friends. Besides its hellish more difficult to be logged on with a friend during a "chapter", and get innvaded, than do it the easier way. Be offline until boss and then log in and do a summon. Pardon my english :)

  • A concerned fan |
    A concerned fan

    To those who are saying that Dark Souls is a 'lonely' experience, and that it's better that they have taken away the ability to make it easier for your friends to connect: suit yourself: but if I get invaded by a goddamn ganking asshole, I want someone I trust to be fighting alongside me, not a random.

    One of the reasons I love Dark Souls so much is that I can enjoy this rather fun game with a friend, but I can see why some people would want the current decision. If anything, From Software should make this an Option in the menu. You want to make it easier to play with friends? Set it so you can play with friends? Want to go with randoms? Set it as so!

    Another reason this is a bad idea is that it puts things in the favor of Gankers. Though you CAN fight off certain invaders, some of them spec themselves to be the cheapest f*cks possible (I'm looking at every goddamn GiantDad out there)and make it unfun to be invaded. The only reason I don't have too much of an issue is because I have a competent friend to back me up when I'm invaded (I don't rely on them, but it's nice to have backup.) I could summon a stranger, yes, but then if my invader waits me out, that summon vanishes when the time limit ends with the new rules. Also FUCK the decision to make you be invaded when you're hallowed. Fuck. That.

    I love Dark Souls for it's deep, rich lore and the fact that it's a game that doesn't pull punches, but I hate From Software's decisions to change things up in such a way that is more beneficial to Gankers.

  • ES |

    This is rather disappointing news; Another giant step backwards for coop in the Souls series.

    I consider both Demons Souls and Dark souls to be my two favorite games of all time and I owe a lot of that enjoyment to coop with friends.

    Sure, I think we all enjoy the challenge the Souls series presents, and it's true that coop can alleviate some of the difficulty to a degree, but no one has ever forced a player to call for help! I personally chose to not go past level 14 or summon help on my first play through of Dark Souls, but that doesn't change the fact that the most fun I had play the game, was when I was playing with friends. Instead of playing DS a few times, I ended up playing through over 30 times, and I only did this because of COOP.

    Surely the designers have seen how popular coop in the souls series has been; all you need to do is look at the hundreds of complaints that bemoan how Dark Souls made it much harder that Demons Souls to summon friends. Or shouldn't they have noticed how popular the 'DSC Fix' (allows players to join up with friends with relative ease) for PC has become after it's release.

    My point is this: Players can make the game as challenging as they want on their own, they don't need the designers to ruin the fun of coop with friends, simply for the purpose of making the game harder. I really couldn't care less if "this is not what we want", I only care about what I want in DS, NOT the game designers.

    If you (the developers) really only care about difficulty, then triple the power of enemies when summoning a friend for help. I really couldn't care less how hard the game becomes, I just want to play with my pals.

    This is a true shame. I can only hope that a skilled modder will fix DS2 like they did for DS PC.

    PS: If you want some extra challenge in DS (PC version) to help make up for having a coop partner, there is a cheat/mod that will allow you to gravelord your game 24/7, make all enemies more aggressive (a lot more), and raise the play through level from 1-7 (your choice).

  • ES |

    "Besides its hellish more difficult to be logged on with a friend during a "chapter", and get innvaded, than do it the easier way. Be offline until boss and then log in and do a summon. Pardon my english :)"

    I totally agree with you.

    Coop isn't 'easy mode'; Playing offline is!

    Sure a coop partner helps, but invaders have always been the real threat in the souls series.

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