Opera has unleashed the final version of Opera Mobile 10.1 for Symbian/Series 60 mobile phones, with a significant improvement in JavaScript performance.

The latest version of Opera's mobile browser includes a powerful JIT optimization for the Carakan JavaScript engine, which provides a significantly faster browsing experience. In fact, results from the SunSpider JavaScript test prove that this version runs up to nine times faster than the previous Opera Mobile 10.0.

Opera Mobile 10.1 for Symbian

Another outstanding new feature is the support for geolocation - a functionality we're finding on more and more apps. Thanks to geolocation you'll be able to get customized, relevant content from web services such as maps, recommendation sites and travel apps, depending on your current location.

Other interesting features you'll find in Opera Mobile 10.1 are Speed Dial, tabbed browsing, a password manager and the so called Opera Turbo compression, which can shrink websites up to 20% of their original size, thus reducing data transfer, saving you money and cranking up browsing speed.

If you can't wait to test it, head over to m.opera.com from your mobile web browser and download your copy now.


  • Ash |

    As soon as I downloaded this program and hit install my computer turn off. No reason at all except it there is viruses in this software do NOT download it as your computer will turn off every 2 minutes. I rate this very bad

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