Farmville creator Zynga has unleashed its latest bid to suck all of the hours out of your day with the release of Mafia Wars 2.

The original game was a phenomenon I really couldn't understand, and a big part of why I disliked Facebook gaming so much. So it pains me to say that Mafia Wars 2 actually looks like Zynga has invested a lot in its development. It takes the cartoon style of Farmville to make a kind of cutesy but bloody gangster world, and while it's pretty cheesy and stereotyped, the much improved graphics and animations at least give it the appearance of a game!

After a really quick look at it, it seems that the basic game mechanics are pretty similar to Zynga's other games. The improved presentation means you will get something nicer to look at, which is at least some compensation for the hopeless mouse-clicking addiction you'll find yourself in. It would be great to hear from Mafia Wars fans if this sequel lives up to their expectations!


  • Joshua |

    A much better game than this on FB is Karma Kingdom, looking for neighbors.

  • Deafault Don |
    Deafault Don

    it sucks. there are points in the game that demand that you "request for help" not doing so is not an option. I played it for 15 mins, and blocked it. played the original MW for around 2 years before zygna screwed up, added too much new stuff and ruining that which was a good game. Honest review from someone that you claimed you wanted to hear from. The game is not worth loading....

  • Alex "The Mafia Wars Cheat" |
    Alex "The Mafia Wars Cheat"

    Its terrible the original Mafia Wars is much better, plus it has some great 3rd Party scripts like the UnlockedMW toolbar. http://unlockedmw.com/join

  • NASEEM |


  • naseem khan |
    naseem khan

    very good game for me and all my friends thanks

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